Stove Installations

One of the most important factors to consider when buying a stove is the size, which is usually determined by the kilowatt (kW) output rating. In order to find a suitably sized stove for your home, you will need to estimate or measure the size of the room in which the stove will be situated, and take the insulation of your home into account, as a poorly insulated home will require a more powerful stove.

For example, a heat output of 1kW will heat approximately 25m³ in a well insulated area, 15m³ in an average insulated area, and 10m³ in a poorly insulated area. In a more detailed example, consider a room the size of 84m³ in a house with an average insulation rating. Since, in this setting, 1kW will heat 15m³, the volume of the room will be divided by 15m³, and will yield a total of 5.6kW. This means that a stove of between 6kW and 8kW will be ideal to heat the room in question.

At Lee Davies Fireplace and Brickwork Specialists, we will be able to advise you on the perfect size stove to fit and work efficiently in your home. We offer our services to a wide range of locations, including Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Berkshire, Bedfordshire, London, Dorset, and Devon.

Flue Systems

Finding the right chimney and chimney system to accompany your stove is essential in the safe and efficient functioning of your flue system. At Lee Davies Fireplace and Brickwork Specialists, we will assess your stove and chimney system. Our HETAS Registered engineers will offer advice on what system would ensure the efficient extraction of gases, and how we can install a flue system suitable to your stove.

Basic Chimney Installation

In some cases, it may be possible to bypass expensive flue systems by installing a flue straight into your chimney and connecting it to your newly installed stove. A register plate will be used to ensure air can be extracted from the stove, and an access door will be installed in the pipe to ensure the chimney can be easily swept out if needed.
Prior to the installation of your new stove, it is recommended that your existing chimney system is inspected by an NACS approved chimney sweep. This inspection will give you important information about which chimney system will best suit your stove. We will then take this advice into account, and recommended and install the appropriate system. We will also be able to offer a chimney sweeping service, if needed.

Chimney Lining

Usually, every stove and chimney installation should be accompanied with a chimney lining to minimise condensation, the build up of tar, and the risk of chimney fires. This lining also insulates the flue system, and is usually made of steel to improve the safety of your stove system. Lee Davies Fireplace and Brickwork Specialists will be able to expertly install a lined chimney to help you get the most out of your stove.

Stainless Steel Flue Systems

Stainless steel flue systems are an ideal solution if you do not have an existing chimney or chimney system. This system can be used in an interior or exterior setting, and for multi-fuel appliances. We offer professional inspections and assessments of your installation options prior to the installation of your stainless steel flue system. We are also able to design your system, including clearing and access, to suit the requirements of your home and stove system.

Boilers and Radiators

Stoves offer options for central heating connections or built-in boilers that will enable you to heat your room, water, and radiators. These stoves require a connection to the central system via an outlet at the rear of the stove. These stoves also have three kW ratings, namely the room output, boiler output, and a combined output, and finding an appropriate balance is important in finding the right stove to meet your needs. At Lee Davies Fireplace and Brickwork Specialists, we will be able to calculate an accurate output based on your room size and heating requirements, and will be able to install the correct system that meets all these needs.

Wood Burning Stoves and Multi-Fuel Stoves

Wood Burning Stoves

Wood burning stoves are affordable and easily available. Burning wood is a low cost fuel, smells great when burning, and works well in a non-smokeless zone, however a good wood storage facility should also be available to keep the moisture content as low as possible. At Lee Davies Fireplace and Brickwork Specialists, we will be able to source and install your wood burning stove with ease and precision.

Wood Fuel

Although wood can take up to two years to season correctly, it is an efficient, carbon-neutral fuel. Additionally, the drier the wood when burnt, the less smoke and gases are produced, and the greater the heat output per kilogram.

Multi-Fuel Stoves

Multi-fuel stoves are highly flexible, allowing you to burn your choice of coal or wood, and in some cases, even turf and peat. These stoves usually include a coal grate and riddling control, which allow for adequate airflow to the fuel bed inside the stove and are essential in the management and disposal of any ash. If you are interested in installing a multi-fuel stove in your home, Lee Davies Fireplace and Brickwork Specialists will be able to help you by not only sourcing your stove, but also expertly installing and fitting it where needed.


Smokeless coal is a good quality, highly efficient fuel with a high heat output that provides an evenly distributed, clean burn. The result of using coal is a reduced level of tar and soot deposits that ultimately prolongs the life of your multi-fuel stove by keeping the grate and flue systems clean and easy to maintain.


In a multi-fuel stove, wood burns differently to coal, and subsequently requires the grate to be closed where possible, although the ash resulting from burning wood also does not need to be riddled like coal ash. While wood will not burn as efficiently in a multi-fuel stove, the added benefit of being able to burn more than one type of fuel may be an advantage to some.

Stove Installations

The team of experts at Lee Davies Fireplace and Brickwork Specialists are professionals with HETAS regisrations who are fully capable of fitting your stove and flue systems. We are able to source, as well as fit your stove, and ensure that your stove complies with Building Regulations. Our team will ensure that your stove works perfectly, providing adequate heat to keep you and your family warm. It is not recommended that you install a stove yourself. As we have extensive experience with the proper techniques, we will be able to ensure a quick, safe, and professional installation.

Fitting Boiler Stoves

If you are interested in fitting and installing a boiler stove in your home, we will be able to source your boiler stove, and work with a qualified plumber to expertly install it into your existing heating system.